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Trucks & Miscellaneous
Made to order Chevron Backs for specialist vehicles needing to comply with the Chapter 8 regulations.

When producing the Conspicuity for the rear of trucks in order to comply with Chapter 8 legislation, we use a variety of methods. A large percentage of Trucks can have an aluminium based boards (Diabond) fitted to the rear, covered in reflective material and then the Chevrons applied to it. This section of the site is designed to give you some examples of the methods used. Most Trucks will have to be measured prior to us fitting the Boards as there are so many different variations and sizes. Our 3M™ trained and approved fitters can also fit rear Chevrons by hand. This is especially useful for specialised vehicles such as Recovery Trucks.

3.5t Tippers/Flatbeds

In most cases, Chevron Boards can easily be attached to the rear of the Tipper. These boards are all manufactured upon order, and can be supplied only, or fitted by our team of 3M™ approved fitters.

We stock some standard sizes, but to the range of different styles and sizes required, most are made to order to fit the specific vehicles.

Various Prices £POA

7.5t Tippers/Flatbeds

We fit a huge selection of different shaped and sized backs. As the trucks get bigger, some of the backs become more complicated.

We still attach them using Diabond boards, but as they become more complex, they usually have more peices. A few examples can be found below

( PLEASE NOTE: These Chevron Boards only form part of what is needed to comply with the full Chapter 8 Specifications)

HGV Vehicles

We will already have many vehicle backs templated and some "universal" sized Chevron boards that will fit a number of vehicles. Ask for details. The examples contained on this page are just a few, from the hundreds of Chevron boards,that we have fitted. All of the examples shown so far are up to Chapter 8 standards. The sole reason for using "Boards" is that Diamond Grade material (Red) is only suitable for use on flat surfaces.


3.5 Tippers

7.5 Tippers/Flatbeds
Examples - Click on the pictures for further details.

HGV Vehicles

Miscellaneous Vehicles and Backs...

Some examples of Vehicles fitted with both Reflective and Diamond Grade Chevrons, without using Diabond Boards. Contact us for further details on the options available for your Vehicle or Fleet.

All of the examples shown were fitted by hand, "off the roll" by our 3M™ approved fitters. The Recovery Truck is fitted with Diamond Grade Chevrons, whereas the two trucks have Reflective Red Chevrons.

We have the solutions for all of your Chapter 8 and Conspicuity needs. From Trucks, Crash Cushions and Lighting Towers to Vans, Cars and Bikes


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Our Chapter 8 Kits come in an easy to apply form. The Fluorescent Yellow base comes as an individual panel and not in strips. The Red Diamond Grade or Red Reflective is then applied to these panels.



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